Jessica Akiki

Jessica Akiki - Centrik Yoga

Jessica comes from a background in fitness. She has been practising yoga for nearly twenty years and is also qualified yoga therapist.

Jessica Akiki

Jessica Akiki

Coming an extensive background in fitness as personal trainer in various disciplines, I discovered Yoga in 2002. Since then it has taken an integral part of my life throughout my happy times and challenging ones. It taught me how to build an honest and kind relationship between body, mind and breath. Yoga shows the way to build strength and spaciousness, resistance and release to find equilibrium and freedom of movement. 

I qualified as Yoga Teacher after completing my training with Kevala Centre in Torquay in 2010, and in 2017 I completed my Post Graduate Yoga Therapy course with the Devon School of Yoga in Exeter. 

In 2012 -2013 I completed Reiki Practitioner Level 1 and 2 with Totnes Natural Health Centre to work the subtle body which is a non intrusive method to promote integration of Body, Mental and Emotional bodies in a deep state of relaxation. 

Practices are done in a peace loving environment, opening a door for wholeness, clarity and healing using traditional yogic concept such as physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation.

Virginia Compton

Virginia Compton - Yoga & Ayurveda

Virginia teaches Yoga, leads retreats and offers Ayurvedic massage and Yoga therapy, holistic wellness assessment and lifestyle advice.

Virginia Compton

Virginia Compton

Qualifications & Experience:

• Registered general nurse ~ experience of working with people with substance misuse and mental health issues as well as extensive physical health needs since 1994.
Devon School of Yoga Foundation Course ~ completed 2007
• Devon School of Yoga Teacher Training ~ completed 2009 (500 hours)
• Indian Head Massage with Bristol School of Holistic Therapies (2010)
• Devon School of Yoga Therapist training ~ completed 2012 (200 hours)
• Extensive study with Debbie Mills ~ includes 3 day retreat focusing on Bandhas (2010), week long retreat focusing on general practice (2011), two 30 hour immersions focusing on all aspects of practise, energetics and philosophy (2012 and 2013).
• Study with Srivasta Ramaswami (direct student of Krishnmacharya and teacher of Debbie Mills and Steve Brandon)
• 30 hour Raja Yoga practicum completed 2012.
• 25 hour Vinyasa krama teachers intensive May 2014.
• Yoga therapy for the internal organs May 2015.
• Past studies also include Doug Swenson (2014), David Swenson (2012) and Diane Long (2008).
• Assistant with International Macrobiotic Cookery School (South Devon) 2012-2014
• Mindfulness tutor training (MBRP) June 2015 with Sarah Bowden and Devin Ashwood.
• Ayurvedic Massage Therapy training with Sunita Passi of Tridosha April 2015.
• Ayurveda Philosophy study with Robert Svaboda completed 2015.
• Catering for Yoga retreats and Yoga festival (Totnes, Devon, New Moon Yoga retreats, Holistic Yoga Retreats) since 2015
Living Ayurveda further study incorporating diet and lifestyle, completed May 2016.
• Yoga for Self Regulation and Trauma (via podcast) with Hala Khouri form ‘Off the mat into the world.’ Completed June 2016.
• Yoga Nidra training with Yoga Nidra Network completed 2016
• Well Woman Yoga Therapy (Womb Yoga) Teacher Training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli completed June 2017
• Resident Yoga teacher Amchara detox retreat UK (from February 2018)
• Chef at EcoYoga Scotland from June 2018 - June 2019
• Founder and partner of The Yoga Retreat India December 2018
• Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic therapist with the Sunita Passi wellness centre, June 2019
• Continuing self study and practice with Steve Brandon of Harmony Yoga and Ayurveda and Normal Blair 
• Booking and support for The Sitaram Partnership, Yoni Shakti and Yoga Nidra Network. Please see The Source for more information on this work. June 2019
• Ayurveda and Yoga with the Sunita Passi Wellness Centre June 2019

Virginia Compton

Cathy Rose - Flow Yoga & Vinyasa

I began Yoga in 2013 as a remedy for the stress I was experiencing in my final year of teacher training at Brighton university. Just one yoga class a week had an incredible affect..

Virginia Compton

Cathy Rose

Qualifications & Experience:

I began Yoga in 2013 as a remedy for the stress I was experiencing in my final year of teacher training at Brighton university.  Just one yoga class a week had an incredible affect on my mental health and overall wellbeing. I was sold!

Instead of starting my teaching career as a PE teacher,  I decided to go to India explore all things Yoga. I spent months practicing Ashtanga yoga 6 days a week, I took part in two 10 Day vipassana meditation courses and was taught pranayama by BNS Iyengar. 

Since then my experience of life has radically changed. I feel far more connected to myself, to nature and to the universe. I have explored alternative lifestyles both in the UK and abroad and am extremely passionate about community living and being close to nature. 

I lead Womens circles, support Shamanic healing retreats and love Kirtan and mantra meditation. I am a mum to my baby girl, sea swimmer and organic gardener.

My Qualifications include:

• 200 Hour Hatha Teacher Training, Ayuryoga Eco Ashram, Mysore, India
• 250 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training, Falmouth Yoga Space, UK
• Qualified Secondary School PE teacher
• Lomi Lomi Massage Training, Brighton
• Regular Vipassana Meditation courses
• Angelic Reiki level one
• Shamanic Energy Healing & Shadow work Apprenticeship with the Sacred Tree
• Nature based soul initiation for feminine leadership - 1 year training with Jewels Wingfield

I like to offer a sense of sanctuary space in my classes; an escape from the world where we can drop into deep relaxation and slow down the movement pattern of the mind through asana, pranayama and meditation. All ages and abilities are very welcome. 

Maxine Lunn

Maxine Lunn - Iyengar Yoga

Maxine has over twenty years of Iyengar yoga practise to share in her classes and she is also available for private and one-to-one lessons.

Maxine Lunn

Maxine Lunn

"I only teach/practise the Iyengar method as something just clicked after my very first class it was just what I needed. I don't feel the need to change it & do my own thing, it is wonderful just as it is. In 2016/17/18, I spent several weeks in Pune at RIMIYI being taught by the Iyengar family. I shall be returning as regularly as finances allow, it was a magical experience.

I was blessed to receive Geeta Iyengar's last teachings before her death in December 2018 in Pune. I didn't know until her death but Geeta was 'my teacher' & I am grateful for all I learned from her teachings.

I can't put into words what a magical thing Iyengar yoga is, regular practise has made me healthy, happy and more confident. I can't imagine my life with out yoga and when life starts to get tough an hour on my mat makes things seem much easier. It is a wonderful thing and I feel blessed to be able to share it with others. It truly is the best job in the world!

I have 2 BA honours degrees: one in textile & surface design & one in fine art. I LOVE cycling & have done several charity rides in the UK and abroad.

After yoga & cycling I love food I am a strict vegan & passionate vegan chef I have worked as a professional chef in a vegan cafe & a vegetarian caterer doing huge events & festivals in the UK.

I have 4 children & 4 Granddaughters."

James Russell

James Russell - Hatha Yoga

James teaches a holistic approach to yoga that is accessible and inclusive. He has been practising yoga for over twenty years and has been teaching since 2007.

James Russell

James Russell

James has been practising yoga for over twenty-two years and teaching yoga since 2007. He originally trained in India and then the UK. In India, he studied at Yoga Vidya Gurukul (YVG) and in the UK with The Devon School of Yoga (DSY). James has completed two teaching diplomas. He also holds a certificate in Advanced Yoga Studies from YVG and a postgraduate diploma in Yoga Therapy from the DSY. James has trained with senior and respected yogacharyas, including Sri Vishwas Mandlik and Srivatsa Ramaswami. His principal teacher is Duncan Hulin with whom he has studied regularly for the past twenty years.

James has a specialised interest in the history and culture of yoga and writes a regular blog on a range of related subjects. His writing has been published on the award-winning Elephant Journal platform and was featured in the top 50 yoga & wellness blogs for 2017. James is currently a student at SOAS, University of London where he is studying part-time for an MA in Traditions of Yoga & Meditation.

Alice Chapman

Alice Chapman - Yoga Therapy

Alice a yoga therapist and yoga teacher with a personal interest in pre and post-natal yoga and also yoga for women’s health. Alice teaches gentle yoga as well as pre & post natal yoga.

Alice Chapman

Alice Chapman

In 2005 I attended a ten day Vipassana meditation retreat in India and it had a profound affect on my life.

I continued my meditation practice and came to yoga in 2006 to balance the body as well as the mind. I have been teaching groups and individuals internationally since 2008 in the traditional Indian Hatha style, incorporating an extensive knowledge of posture, breathing, meditation and cleansing techniques. My focus is the application of Yoga as therapeutic tool, peace of mind and ease of body.
In March 2008 I completed my yoga teacher training at Yoga Vidya Gurukul  in Maharastra, India under the expert guidance of Ghandar Mandlik and his tutors. Since then, my practice and passion for yoga has flourished. I have continued to study with a number of inspiring teachers, but found that personal practice, both on and off the mat, has been the key to a deeper understanding of yoga.

In January 2009 I returned to Yoga Vidya Gurukul to complete an Advanced diploma in Yogic studies. I went on from there to practice and study with a number of teachers in India, including Bharath Shetty a student of both BKS Iyengar and Sri Pattabhi Jois, and Akilesh Bramachari who teaches Iyengar yoga. On returning to the UK, I quit my job, took up teaching yoga full-time and haven't looked back since. I taught yoga for a number of busy leisure centres and corporations in London, including Greenwich Leisure and UNICEF UK. I also studied pregnancy yoga with Jane Mackarness.

In 2011, I moved to Devon and set up classes in Exeter and Totnes. Having completing training in Yoga Therapy with the Devon School of Yoga, I was invited to join the school’s teaching faculty and began teaching on their Foundation diploma course. I now also teach on the Devon School of Yoga teacher training course and Postgraduate Yoga Therapy course.

In the past few years I have concentrated on my growing family and looking after my two young children. Consequently, I have been more focused on pregnancy and post-natal yoga, and have studied pre and post natal yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. My interest continues to widen out to encompass all aspects of women’s health.

"If you are a beginner I suggest you begin here. If you are looking to continue, then here is where you will find that support. Blessings to you all at Yoga Torquay."

Abundant Yogini

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