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Decolonising Yoga - with Sophia Ayesha Ansari

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” - Arundhati Roy.

Everywhere we look we see modern day yoga, caught up in the web of neoliberal capitalism. Along with the erasure of South Asian ethics, praxis and voices, it is not co incidental that yoga is now reduced to a fitness, new age gimmick or hipster trend. Without boundaries, medical research ‘discovers’ yogic breathing techniques, re defining a generations old practice on new terms. Yoga is part of our consumer palate: we can choose our gentrified studios, the fashionable brands, the luxury retreat. More training’s, more styles, yet teachers struggle to maintain an income based on their skills. Co opted by the wellness industry, the yoga industrial complex plays into our insecurities, readjusting us to adapt to the status quo.

Sophia Ansari

Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Experience - with Nirlipta Tuli

Course Description:

Comparative and creative forms of Yoga Nidra. Awaken your consciousness of sleep and dream through the tantric practice of expanded awareness for lucid living. Become alive to the source of well-being, happiness and purpose in every dimension of life.

We understand yoga nidra to be the most transformative, potent and remarkably adaptive of all yoga practices. Yoga nidra is in fact not really a single practice, but rather an experience of altered states of consciousness, essentially meditative experiences which can be used therapeutically for healing, as well as to enhance creativity and productivity and to improve sleep and general health.

Nirlipta Tuli