Living Gita Yoga Weekend - with Sri Vijay Gopala

Weekend workshop schedule

Saturday 13th July

Morning session: 10am - 1pm

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)
Surya Namaskar is a dynamic organised movement series constructed by valuing the formation and expression of your life energies. This will help you in harmonising the expression of yourself so that you are well prepared to practise yoga postures.

The pure essence of Hatha Yoga
Proper practice of Yoga will build the ability to replace the influence of patterns by your inner essence of love, freedom and peace. In this workshop you will be introduced to a well evolved practical methodology of practising the real form of Hatha Yoga to bloom yourself beyond the influence of any pattern.

Afternoon session: 2pm - 5pm

Yogic anatomy and how to handle the complete self on the mat
Your manifestation as a person is happening at each and every moment from the causal body to the physical body. This process of manifestation contains five sheaths; namely the soul, wisdom, mind, pranic and physical sheath. So for an authentic practice of Yoga, it is very important to skilfully practise involving all these five sheaths. This rare and complete skill will be introduced in this session.

Pranayama Techniques for efficient expression of life energy
The practice of pranayama is about to what extend your are establishing your connection directly with the life energy. The life energy is everywhere. The more direct the connection between your self and the life energy, the better and purer will be the expression of your life. Pranayama is the art of handling the breath through different techniques that will make you more efficient in getting your inner life energy directly connected with the existential life energy.

Sunday 14th July

Morning session: 10am - 1pm

The application of yoga philosophy on the mat
The Yoga Sutra is a very important ancient text on Yoga which gives practical philosophy about Yoga practice, and the sage Patanjali has explained Yoga in a coded language. Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas & the Upanishads are even more earlier texts about Yoga. In this session on your mat, the link will be established between your practice & the Yoga philosophy explained in classical texts.

Practice of meditation is all about to what extent you are able to
expand your awareness to feel the oneness of the creation in between the sense perceived differences. You are surrounded by the ‘becoming’ process, which is narrowing your life expression by giving no space for your real Self expression. By bringing out this real Self you are tapping into the immense potentiality of the life.

Afternoon session: 2pm - 5pm

Satsang, Chanting and Questions and Answers
Life is perceived and expressed as you are. Let your perceptions evolve, remove the conditionings of your mind & bring the celebratory expression of creation to your individual life. The approach of this session will be to guide you to this state by mirroring your Self, so that your true inner nature of bliss is revealed. It is reached by creating resonance of your Self with the existential frequency.

Connecting practice of Yoga to daily life – Yoga is a way of life
What you learn on the mat should eventually lead to transforming you to a state where best possible expressions will flow in your actions when you are interacting with day-to-day life situations. This link of connecting your practice to the inner transformation and outer conscious presentation of your Self in day-to-day life is established in this session.

£45 for one whole day (or £80 for Saturday and Sunday together)

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