Tania Rose FoxDSY, Moon Fox Medicine

Tania offers heart-oriented, grounding yoga classes, sharing yoga as a practical and meditative pathway to personal healing, self-validation, and harmony. She teaches with sensitivity, depth and humour, creating a safe, relaxed space in which you are free to nurture or challenge yourself as you wish.

Tania has been nomadic, philosophical and creative since childhood; over the decades, she's embraced a path of deepening spiritual inquiry, consciousness & healing and greater reverence for nature.

Yoga, cacao and meditation form her core daily practices, rooted in nature-based, feminine spirituality alongside her long-term exploration of eastern and western philosophies. Aspects of Zen and Taoism particularly resonate with their practicality, emphasis on working with wherever we find ourselves in this moment and experiencing the beauty of simplicity, particularly in the natural world.

Tania studied western philosophy at uni in the mid-90s (and around the same time began a self-taught home yoga practice using only a book as her teacher.) After graduation she spent the rest of her 20s living a very nomadic life (resuming an early-childhood pattern!) living, working & travelling throughout Canada, the USA, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Spain; New Mexico and Thailand had a profound & lasting impact. During this period, she became interested in Taoist, Zen and Buddhist philosophies, and taught English as a foreign language for 5 years. After returning to the UK, she gravitated back towards her childhood love of art and ended up working her way through another degree, in fine art.

She began a self-taught traditional Hatha Yoga practice back in 1995; from 2005-2015 she studied with Duncan Hulin, an excellent, authentic and deeply grounded teacher and yogi, and also a gifted shiatsu therapist whose treatments and yoga teaching proved hugely healing for her on many levels. Duncan is the Founder & Director of the Devon School of Yoga, with whom Tania also trained as a teacher from 2011-13 (500hrs DSY Diploma). She began teaching yoga in 2012, 6 months into the course, and have been teaching ever since.

At different points, she has explored Hatha Yoga, Holistic Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Wisdom Flow Yoga and aspects of Yin & Restorative Yoga. After a period of immersing herself in Ashtanga, seeking out pioneers such as David Williams and Nancy Gilgoff, she travelled to Maui, Hawaii to deepen her Ashtanga studies, but instead unexpectedly found herself drawn elsewhere, to Jennifer Lynn's Wisdom Flow Yoga classes. The combination of heart-oriented and nature-infused wisdom, inspired by Anusara and Kashmiri Shaivism, and shared in an emotionally insightful way, was deeply inspiring. Maui's rich yoga culture also presented a chance to explore the softness & nurturing of Yin and Restorative approaches to yoga, a much-needed counterbalance to the often very harsh, strict, driven qualities which can easily creep into Ashtanga.

Whilst on Maui, Tania also undertook some private tuition in basic Lomi Lomi massage and, as a trained Thai yoga massage therapist, she began to weave some of this style and energy into her treatments.

Post-Maui, Tania's yoga practice & teaching has shifted away from particular styles & lineages and became more rooted in her own personal explorations and deepening spiritual connection to nature. She spent the winter of 2016-17 teaching yoga & giving massages at a yoga retreat in Thailand.

Tania has a longstanding interest in shamanist spirituality with its reverence for the sacredness of nature; and in the wake of her heart-opening experiences on Maui, she felt the call of cacao, a heart-opening plant medicine. In 2017 she began to explore cacao more deeply and in spring 2018 trained as a cacaoista (one who works shamanically with cacao as a plant spirit & medicine) on an intensive, deeply affecting & unexpectedly spiritually impactful training retreat in Ibiza. She has been sharing cacao in ceremonies in Devon ever since. Cacao has proved to be a powerful teacher plant and ally, opening up a definitively spiritual, intuitive feminine path she's been exploring ever since. Working with cacao, exploring the inner world, has also deepened her meditation practice sigificantly. She loves holding sacred space and sharing this beautiful heart medicine in her women's cacao circles.

Tania shares her various nurturing, heart-oriented offerings, whether yoga, cacao or massage, as spiritual, meditative, nourishing and healing practices which she sincerely hopes will bring you as much body & soul medicine as they have gifted her over the years.

Learn more at Tania's website www.moonfoxmedicine.com