Sara QuigginDSY, Metta Yoga & Healing

Yoga has been in Sara’s life since she was a child. Her mother would use breathwork (pranayama)  & Yoga Nidra to support her when she couldn't sleep or felt anxious. Sara teaches Holistic Yoga at the studio on Wed mornings at 10:30am

Sara rediscovered  yoga in her early twenties when she needed an antidote to a super fast-paced London life - a demanding job in the fashion industry that took her all over the world.

On a physical level she suffered with a recurring trapped nerve in her neck that would regularly render her almost unable to move during a flare up. The combination of these things motivated her to search for a more holistic path than the one she was on to keep her nourished, strong and well. 

After years of regular pain, her yoga practice pretty healed her neck injury and kept any flare-ups in check.

From this point on Sara was hooked on yoga and it was her practice that continued to support her through the most challenging times in her life - heartbreak, children, health scares and many other usual life challenges that get thrown our way. 

Sara went on to train as a teacher in 2013 and has since gone on to complete many others trainings and CPD courses, with almost a thousand hours of training under her belt, including Teen and Trapeze yoga.

She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa and holistic yoga as well as Trapeze yoga and yoga for teenagers. 

Her approach is inclusive, nourishing, lighthearted and supportive for all. 

Her intention is to hold a safe space for students to have fun, explore and to be able to meet themselves wherever they are in any given moment with curiosity and compassion for whatever arises in class.