Online ClassesWith James & Alice

As the studio is temporarily closed due to the Cv-19 pandemic, Alice and James will be offering a donation based class online each weekday. Classes below can be viewed live and will also soon be archived on our forthcoming 'Members' page.

  • Monday 6 - 7pmGENTLE YOGA WITH ALICEA gentle and replenishing physical yoga practice - ideal for those who like to take things a bit more gently and slowly. Suitable for all levels of experience.

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    Tuesday 6 - 7:30pmHOLISTIC YOGA WITH JAMESA holistic yoga practice including, preliminary exercies, light vinyasa movements, postures, breathing exercises and deep relaxation. Suitable for all.

  • prenatal yoga

    Wednesday 6 - 7pmPRENATAL YOGA WITH ALICEGuiding and supporting you safely through every stage of pregnancy. This class is suitable for both beginners & experienced yoga practitioners from 14 weeks onwards.

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    Thursday 6 - 7:15pmBEGINNERS WITH JAMESThis is a gentle class that is suitable for anyone completely new to yoga, or returning to yoga after a break or those who like to take things a bit more slowly.

  • Friday 10 - 11:30amHATHA YOGA WITH ALICEHatha yoga is renowned for its numerous physical practices and health benefits. It is the root tradition from which most modern styles of yoga originate.

  • beginners yoga

    Friday 6 - 7pmYOGA NIDRA - JAMES/ALICEYoga Nidra is a form of guided relaxation in which body and mind are able to let go of deeply held tension. Grab a pillow and blanket - lie back and relax.

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