Hatha Yoga Classes will resume from Monday 7th September

It is a path of physical transformation & spiritual emancipation in which the body is utilised as a tool towards the goal of 'moksha' - liberation. Hatha Yoga has been practised in India for at least eight centuries.

Postures, purification techniques and breathing exercises are some of the techniques employed. Hatha yoga enables the body to become strong and flexible and the mind to become steady and clear.

Hatha yoga tones & strengthens muscles and improves joint mobility. Flexibility is naturally increased and the spine is encouraged towards a state of optimum health. Hatha also works on a subtle, energetic level: releasing blockages, replenishing depleted reserves and increasing vitality. Hatha yoga classes will usually comprise a variety of breathing techniques, warming up exercises and moving sequences combining movement and breath, held postures and deep relaxation.

Hatha yoga classes are taught by James Russell and Alice Chapman. For more information about starting this class, please send us a message and we'll get back to you soon: contact us.