Yoga Courses

An eight week intro to Ashtanga with Sally Holmes
Starts 7th January 2019

‘Ashtanga Yoga’ is a system of yoga originating in Mysore in the South of India. It is a dynamic and physically challenging practice that synchronizes breath, movement and gaze point to develop concentration, it produces internal heat designed to purify the body and the practice can be great for building core strength and confidence. The beginners course will introduce you to the key principles of the practice and take you through part of the Primary series which is the foundation practice of the Ashtanga system.

£68 for eight weeks Booking essential

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Moving, breathing and relaxing with your baby
With Alice Chapman
Starts 6th November 2018

This is a class for new mums of babies from birth to crawling. The class provides a safe and supportive space to bond with baby, meet other like minded mums, move your body and ease out common aches and pains as well as rebuilding strength from the inside out. Gentle but effective pelvic floor rehabilitation, reknitting abdonimal muscles and breathing new life into tired bones.

£40 for 6 weeks
Tuesday the 6th November until Tuesday 11th December
Max 10 spaces
Booking essential.

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An introduction to Patanjali's yoga sutra
with James Russell

Patanjali's yoga is often described as 'classical' or 'royal' yoga is widely regarded as the seminal teaching on the philosophy of yoga. The 196 aphorisms of the yoga sutra codify earlier teachings of yoga and succinctly distil the essential concepts of yoga philosophy. An understanding of the sutra brings perspective and clarity to yoga practice and is a profound tool for personal transformation, awareness and self-realisation. In this introductory course we will look at:

  • The context and structure of the sutra and its relationship with Samkhya philosophy
  • The purpose of yoga and ontology of the text
  • Patanjali's methods of Kriya Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga:
  • Yama & Niyama - ethics and personal observances
  • Asana, Pranayama & Pratayahara - posture, breath and sense withdrawal
  • Samyama - meditation and Samadhi

A six week course. Each session will be 90 mins and will include presentation, group discussion and hand-outs/reading materials.

Course cost: £50
Maximum number of 12 students.
Dates to be confirmed. Please register your interest.

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